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If you're looking for the perfect hanging chair with a stand for your house, a piece like this is an excellent option for outfitting your patio or enriching your indoor home decor. Definitely, Our Orange-Casual hanging Egg chair is a naturally chic patio piece to help you create your ideal home.

Enjoy your Relaxing Time with Orange-Casual Hanging Egg Chair!

Orange-Casual® offer the best patio upgrade solutions, w/ high price-performance furniture. So you'll find just the patio item you need to create a space you're sure to love. You’ll enjoy your leisure time in the great outdoors with wicker patio furniture from Orange-Casual®!

Hanging Egg chair options

Hanging egg chair is a perfect option for garden, backyard, porch, balcony even living room, bedroom. Orange Casual® provides a range of egg chairs with different looks, colors and sizes. Such as egg shape, oval shape and moon shape. No matter which one you choose, it will match well with your indoor and outdoor space.

A classical and unique design of hanging chair plays a good decorative role in your warm home. It gives customers a cozy experience as they can relax after a busy day and enjoy joyful moments with their families. Just imagine you lying on the chair and enjoying the sunshine, the hanging egg chair is indeed an ideal piece of furniture.

The Features of Orange-Casual Hanging Egg Chair

Orange-Casual has always been dedicated to providing our customers with welcoming, comfortable, fashionable, and individualized outdoor patio furniture. Customers can also be sure to choose their favorite products. Hanging egg chair is one of the most recommended choices. There are some reasons shown below.

Unique and Foldable Design: This unique X-shaped stand structure is made from heavy-duty steel frames and non-slip rubber pads. It's sturdy enough to be used on any surface. The suspension chain is strong enough to support 350 lbs. It can also be adjusted to your needs. The hanging chair folds down by losing two screws at the center. This allows for easy storage in your garage or closet and convenient portability.

Soft Fluffy Cushions: These soft, deep fluffy cushions can be attached to your hammock chair with strong ties. Large seat cushions made of 100% polyester and soft Cotton, with a package and zipper design, and pillow headrests that are fade-resistant and washable. 

Durable Construction: Featuring powder coated steel frame wrapped with a long-lasting woven seat, the outdoor patio hammock swing is not only incredibly durable but also provides a versatile appearance for your outer or interior space.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: Its comfortable construction gives you maximum comfort to relax. The swing chair can be used indoors and outdoors as a decorative piece. It is ideal for the living room, bedroom, porch, or garden.

Easy Assembly: Simple to assemble patio rattan swing chair with all tools and accessories included. The stainless spring hook and chain allow you to lounge in your preferred position.

8 Tips To Choose A Quality Hanging Egg Chair

  • Materials
The most popular material choice for hanging egg chairs is wicker. Wickers are more suitable for outdoor environments. You might consider other materials such as plastic, bamboo, or wood if the egg chair is to be used indoors. Your egg chair's material will impact its appearance and durability. So you need to choose a strong, easy-to-clean material to make it last as long as possible.
  • Comfort
Hanging chairs are often purchased for relaxation. Consider comfort features like armrests, pillows, or footrests when buying them. These will ensure that you are getting the most relaxation and enjoyment. To ensure your egg chair lasts longer, you should give it the care it needs.
  • Size
Before you buy an egg chair, measure the space you have in advance. Hanging chairs come in different sizes. You can find small hanging chairs that can hold one to two people and larger ones that can hold up to five people. It is important to know how many people will be using your seat and decide the most suitable size.
  • Weight Limits
Hanging egg chairs have weight and capacity restrictions that limit the number of people to use them. It’s a great option is to find an egg chair that suits your family and allows them to sit comfortably without falling. If the egg chair is marked with how many people can use it, It is best not to exceed the limit on the number of users to extend its service life. 

Finally, make sure to read the manual. It will provide you with all the manufacturer's guidelines for how to use the egg chair and minimize damage to the chair. You should research the best egg chair for your all demands before buying it.
  • Durable Design
A hanging egg chair should be durable. It must be strong enough to withstand weight and movement. Don't get a cheap chair that will fall after just a few uses. It should have its own chair-shaped cushions to ensure maximum comfort.

Many users like that the hanging chairs are made of all-weather wicker with aluminum frames, which can be long-lasting used. Then choose a suitable color to match your outdoor space, will add both style and comfort.
  • Price
The egg chair is not a fixed price. Different sizes and shapes will attract different prices. There's always an egg chair to suit your needs if your budget is within the market price. However, The quality of the chair shouldn't be sacrificed for a cheaper option. You also don't have to spend a lot of money to buy one. It's better to do research and set your budget.
  • With or Without a Stand
Both have their pros and cons that should be carefully considered. An Egg chair with stand can be easily moved around in different rooms and positions, but it will require more space to place it. Egg chairs without stands restrict where they can be placed. They cannot be moved once they are up. However, this gives them a more simple appearance. Many people find with a stand is more convenient for household use according to the relevant research.
  • Position for the Hanging egg chair
It is obvious that the position of your hanging egg chairs plays an important role. You should consider where you plan to hang your egg chair. Is it going to be outdoors or indoors? Is there enough space for it? If you plan to hang it outdoors, You should ensure that the chair can withstand bad weather. The weather-resistant egg chair won't get moldy or frayed when it is exposed to wet conditions. If you live in an area with high UV levels, a chair with UV resistance is recommended to avoid rapid decoloration.

Enjoy The Hanging Egg Chair Every Day
1. Review the user manual before using the egg chair
You should read the manual before assembling your egg chair and using it. This will help you avoid accidents, keep your chair safe, and prevent any damage. Hanging outdoor egg chair maintenance tips are best if you read the manual.

2. Reduce UV and bad weather damage
To reduce damage by harsh weather conditions, store your egg chair in the shade or inside when not using it. If you live where severe weather is common, remember to buy a waterproof cover together with the egg chair.

3. Lifting rather than dragging
If you have to change the position of your egg chair, To avoid severing the legs and feet of outdoor furniture, lift it up and don't drag it. Egg chairs can be made from brittle materials so it is important to take care when moving them.

Hanging Egg Chair Clean & Maintenance
1. Choose the suitable time
It’s the most suitable time to maintain your egg chair on a sunny day before winter comes in. For the egg chair’s life and your personal security, it's a good idea to give your egg chair a thorough clean before putting it in storage.

2. Use a soft brush to clean
For some general debris, you should choose a soft hand brush to avoid damaging the surface material, especially for wicker and rattan. Regular cleaning is also necessary to keep it looking great all the time and to avoid the buildup of dirt that could lead to a more thorough scrub.

3. Vacuum to remove dust and dirt
Using a vacuum to suck up some hidden dirt after brushing down the outer dust. It's a very helpful way to reach deep into the seat.

4. Use warm soapy water to wash your hands                                             

Use a soft sponge with warm soapy water to give your egg chair a gentle clean. It is important not to over-saturate your chair with water as it will need drying completely before storage. In addition, please avoid harsh chemicals and use natural cleaners to clean the chair. They can cause discoloration.

5. Wash cushion covers and store them in a safe place
Generally speaking, our cushion covers are detachable for washing. Make sure to read the care label instructions carefully before washing and drying. We recommend that you keep them inside in autumn and winter to ensure they stay well for the next use. 

6. Check metal to prevent rust
In damp conditions, screws and fixings are more susceptible to rusting. To prevent rust from developing on metal spring hooks, use a rust converter or paint. These should be checked regularly. You can also use a lubricant throughout the year to maintain the components in good condition.

7. Use a waterproof furniture cover and regular air circulation
We recommend that you cover your egg chair with a waterproof cover if you don’t have space to store it in dry areas inside. This will prevent excessive moisture from penetrating the product and prolong its lifetime. The cover should be opened regularly to allow air circulation and prevent mildew growth.

Hanging Egg chair FAQs

What's an Egg Chair?
The egg chair is usually designed like an egg shape. They also called hanging chairs, egg hammocks, swing chairs and so on. Egg chairs can be seen everywhere in life, especially round and oval-shaped is the most common.
What types of hanging egg chairs are there?
There are mainly two types of hanging egg chairs: hanging egg chairs with a stand or without stands. It all depends on the suspension way. Single egg chair and double egg chair is also available for you to choose from according to the load capacity and size. You can choose from a variety of materials, including rattan, wicker and plastic, as well as wood and aluminum. Some can be used outside, while others can only be used indoors.
What are the most common colors for cushion covers for egg chairs?
Everyone has a different answer to this question because it all depends on your personal taste. If you're not sure which color to choose, black, white and gray can never go wrong.
Where can I buy egg chairs?
Hanging egg chairs are very popular and many sellers sell them now. There are two choices: buying from a local furniture store or online shopping. If you're looking for the perfect hanging egg chair for your house, Orange-Casual hanging egg chair is an excellent choice. Affordable, high quality, free shipping, and 1-year warranty.
Are hanging egg chairs cozy?
Hanging egg chairs are comfortable as they can rock to make you relax. Rocking chairs are a favorite of toddlers and babies, but we forget how enjoyable they can be for adults. Just imagine yourself curled up in an egg chair with a book and a glass of wine spending your spare time. There are different types of egg chairs to satisfy your need for comfort. When you plan to buy the egg chair, you also need to consider the cushioned comfort. A thick and soft cushion ensures you can sit or lie on it properly.
How about the safety of the egg chair?

They are safe. However, the hanging chairs aren't meant to swing wildly, but to rock easily. This is usually a question about whether the basket will collapse all at once. There are usually no major concerns as long as the basket is properly fixed and the load is not exceeded.

You should ensure that you have sufficient load capacity, especially for large or double hanging chairs which are intended for two people.

How can I Measure my Space Correctly?
You should verify the dimensions of the egg chair , including the basket and stand, as well as the overall height, width, and depth. You should also check the measurements of the space you will place the egg chair.