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Wicker Rocking Chair - Relax in Style

The delicately crafted wicker weaves are welcome in most home interior themes. Nothing beats relaxing in a wicker rocking chair on a cold rainy night or balmy summer day. The classic elegance of the wicker rocking chair makes it look like an antique piece of furniture that has been inherited from another generation. Whether they are placed indoors or on a well-covered patio or porch, these pieces of furniture are spots of relaxation.

Orange Casual® will help everyone furnish the outdoor space with elegant and comfortable wicker rocking chairs. Shop attractive rocking chairs for your patio area in different styles, materials, and colors.

The Material of Wicker Rocking Chair

  • Natural Wicker 

Natural wicker is made from plant materials. Natural materials were used long ago during the times of Ancient Egypt to make wicker baskets. Unfortunately for your patio, natural wicker is susceptible to rain, sleet, snow, moisture, and other forms of inclement weather.

Natural wicker is perfectly fine for indoor use but it’s not suitable for the outdoors. That is why resin wicker is used to make outdoor wicker furniture that looks and feels like the real thing. 

  • Synthetic Wicker

Also known as All-Weather Wicker, synthetic resin wicker is made from resins that are extracted from plant matter. These liquids are capable of hardening permanently. There are several types of resin wickers ranging from cheap plastics to HDPE.  Resin wicker is used to make outdoor sectionals, dining sets, and even daybeds.

Synthetic wicker is typically built on aluminum frames. This makes them very lightweight so you might have to find some ways to keep your patio furniture from blowing away. Orange Casual® Wicker rocking chair is constructed from commercial-grade hand-woven polyethylene wicker. It is resistant to breaking, scraping, and also fading, and also it's the best product for outside wicker furnishings. Plus it's a lasting material!

The Benefits of OC Outdoor Wicker Rocking Chair

The rocker-style legs bring a breezy feel to your yard or patio, while included seat and back cushions make relaxing in the summer sun comfy. No one can deny the pleasure of sitting and relaxing in a wicker rocking chair, watching television or looking at the back garden. Swinging the chair slowly back and forth, is believed to be able to create an exciting sensation, especially when done while occasionally closing your eyes. Designed with a slightly sloping backrest and curved armrest the rocker is comfortable to sit and relax. Deep seating with a 21-inch seat height to match your style. 

The wicker rocking chair is built tough with a powder-coated steel frame covered in durable, gray-finished resin wicker. The high back design with curved armrest ensures comfortable lounging. A stable base lets you gently rock back and forth for a relaxing experience. Enjoy your new rocking chair in cushioned comfort, whether you're on the porch or in a living room watching TV.

The patio rocker is made of hand-woven resin wicker with flat weave texture in gray finish, creating a classy-looking touch for your patio corner or indoor area. Wicker rocking chairs can also provide a relaxing effect for your mind. Ultimately, this has an impact on physical health. Relaxing in a rocking chair can lower blood pressure and improve breathing. As in some cases, the “shaking” of the rocking chair is also believed to reduce pain in the body.

Crafted in gray cushions with polyester filling, this rocker comes with a back cushion and a seat cushion. The chair can be used as extra seating at the end of your sofa or placed along with the rest of your furniture. The neutral color makes it the perfect addition to your patio, living room.

5 Tips To Buy The Best Wicker Rocking Chair

1. Look at the other decor you have in your patio so that you can match the color and design of your rocking chair so that you have a harmonious design scheme. Charming white-colored wicker rocking chairs are the best for achieving an elegant look while dark-colored ones are suitable for a rustic feel.

2. Decide on what kind of material you want for your rocking chair that's made from wicker, whether natural or synthetic. The synthetic wicker material is made from synthetic fibers like polyethylene that is more suited for outdoor settings because they resist the elements better than the natural wicker furniture.

3. Make sure that the size of the wicker rocking chair is not too big that your arms does not rest comfortably on the armrests, and not too small that you do not fit well into the chair. See if your elbow can rest comfortably and while you are doing that, try to tip it back and forth to see if the chair's rocking motion is smooth and if it is tipped just right and does not give the feeling that you are falling backwards when your are in a reclining position. You also want to think about the seat height — shorter people may want a shorter seat height to comfortably get in and out of the rocker. 

4. Check for sagging weave work in the seating and backrest and make sure that your back nestles comfortably on the backrest. Also, do not forget to check for annoying poking weave work along the edges.

5. Before purchasing an outdoor wicker rocking chair, you also want to make sure that you assess the comfort before making a decision. You can either opt to buy upholstered rocking chairs or those without upholstery which is more airy, and just jazz it up with seat cushions for a more comfortable use. At Orange-Casual®, you don't need to purchase extra cushions to make them more comfortable. All our outdoor wicker rocking chairs come with two seat & back cushions.

Care for Outdoor Wicker Rocking Chair

Wicker Rocking Chair is weather-resistant in most cases, and there is a minimal amount of care that you have to undertake. While wicker rocking chair is sturdy and can stand quite a deal of damage, regular maintenance and care can significantly extend its life. On the patio, if the wicker rocking chair is subject to constant sunlight, the wicker could dry out and become easily breakable, considerably reducing its durability and overall quality, something as simple as a stationary patio umbrella could keep cool both the wicker chair and those enjoying it. During inclement weather conditions, you can also move them indoors as they are light and flexible.

Outdoor Wicker Rocking Chair FAQs

How To Clean Outdoor Wicker Rocking Chair?
Vacuum the wicker rocking chair regularly, using a brush attachment to remove dust from the crevices. If it is heavily soiled and vacuuming is not enough, spot-clean the wicker with a solution of mild dish detergent and warm water, using a sponge or an old toothbrush. Rinse with a clean, damp sponge or rag. But if your wicker chair gets really dirty, or it's full of dust after the off-season, you can give it a deep cleaning by hosing it down. If necessary, rinse it with a hose, then scrub it with a soft brush and soapy water, then rinse again with the hose. Let wicker dry thoroughly before using the chair. 
How Long Does Outdoor Wicker Rocking Chair Last?
Properly cared-for wicker rocking chairs can last 10 to 15 years. The price of the wicker rocking chair ranges from $200 to $600, it is definitely a worthwhile investment. Synthetic wicker is more durable and easier to care for than natural wicker while replicating the look of traditional natural wicker. Our wicker rocking chair is popular on sunporches, decks, patios, and pool areas. 
Is Your Outdoor Wicker Rocking Chair Worth Repairing?
If the wicker itself or the structure of the chair is too badly damaged, it would be a waste of money to put any effort into it. Because heat from the sun can be drying, our outdoor wicker chairs are made with synthetic materials and treated with resin, only requiring nothing more than a thorough cleaning and a new coat of paint. 
Is Wicker Rocking Chair Good For The Outdoors?
Natural rattan or paper fiber wicker cannot be used outdoors for extended periods of time however, synthetic resin wicker can be used outside. All Orange Casual® outdoor wicker chairs are made with synthetic materials and treated with resin and are fine to be used outside. Although outdoor wicker rocking chair is made to withstand the elements, you should always use care to ensure that any type of outdoor furniture lasts for extended periods of time. 
What's The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Wicker Rocking Chairs?

Outdoor wicker rocking chairs commonly use synthetic vinyl and resins as materials for outdoor wicker furniture rather than organic materials preferred for indoor wicker pieces. Because pieces placed outside need to withstand moisture, sunlight, and dry conditions for use in various climates, synthetic options help prevent wicker furniture from breaking down over time. Organic and natural materials are better suited for indoor use and in more protected environments. 


Made of high-density polyethylene resin wicker over a steel frame, Orange-Casual's stylish and durable outdoor rocking chair is built to last. With the included cushions on the seat and chair back, this outdoor rocker offers soothing and rhythmic movement as you relax, which will make you want to spend the whole day on your patio. They can be used indoors or outdoors.

Is Wicker Wicker Rocking Chair Durable?
The materials used in the making of wicker rocking chairs are incredibly strong and durable. Whether it’s rattan, reed, or bamboo, the material is strong before it’s even turned into outdoor furniture. Once the wicker material is woven onto a frame, it increases in toughness and durability. When you’re weaving the wicker material, it increases the strength of the material dramatically. 
Can I Paint Outdoor Wicker Rocking Chair?
Yes, you can paint it with Paint Sprayer – By far the best choice for painting any kind of wood or resin woven, indoor or outdoor wicker furniture. A paint sprayer gives the most consistent smooth overall finish by far and can be used with a wide variety of paints. 
Can Outdoor Wicker Rocking Chair Get Wet?
Synthetic resin wicker is usually made from a waterproof material like PVC. There is nothing in a synthetic wicker that will be destroyed by rain; however, Anything that has prolonged exposure to moisture can attract mold or mildew. like everything else in your yard, if you want to prolong its life and keep it looking good, you’ll need to take good care of it. 
How Do You Protect Wicker Rocking Chair From Rain?
Synthetic wicker rocking chair doesn’t need protection from the rain, although to keep your furniture free from debris, you can use a chair cover. You can pick up waterproof covers for wicker chairs that you simply slip on and secure, and this will help to keep your set clean and tidy. In addition, you may have cushions on your chair, these cushions tend to be water-resistant rather than waterproof, you can put them into the Large Cushion Storage Bin, or bring them indoors if it starts to rain.
What to Consider Before Buying Outdoor Wicker Rocking Chair?

1. Location. Before buying a wicker rocking chair, first decide where you want the furniture to be positioned. From this you will be able to better estimate what size furniture will fit. Orange Casual®'s rocking chair can be used indoors or outdoors. Great for a porch, patio, garden, balcony, pool or deck, in a gazebo, or in a cabana. 


2. Material. Because pieces placed outside need to withstand moisture, sunlight, and dry conditions for use in various climates, So please remember that synthetic resin materials are the best choice for outdoor furniture. Organic and natural wicker materials are better suited for indoor use.


3. Budget. The price of the wicker rocking chair ranges from $200 to $600. Even if you don't have enough budget, you can also find affordable wicker rocking chairs at We also offer payment in installments.