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Set Up A Comfortable And Eye-catching Patio Dining Area With OC Outdoor Aluminum Furniture!

Have you noticed that most of the outdoor patio furniture is made of aluminum? Although there are many styles of outdoor patio furniture which made from different materials such as wicker, teak, cast iron and steel, stainless steel, and so on, aluminum outdoor furniture remains the most popular choice.

Aluminum patio outdoor furniture is specifically meant to add more flavor to your patio, which is responsible for giving you the modern and marvelous feeling of being in the right place for you. One of the most popular outdoor material choices, aluminum is a contemporary, state-of-the-art material that combines ease with aesthetic grace. Aluminum patio furniture typically refers to construction that utilizes tubular or hollow aluminum.

Orange-Casual® Aluminum Outdoor Furniture set combines high-quality material with modern design. Undoubtedly, an aluminum patio set will enrich your outdoor space and provide the best experience for a home party.

Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Options

One can make use of the aluminum outdoor patio furniture for several reasons, from a romantic outing to dating, business meetings, corporate lunch and dinner, thereby setting the mood for people wishing to share their opinions, views or just enjoy the moment.

OC outdoor aluminum furniture combines comfort and design to complement almost any casual or upscale decor. We have a wide variety of aluminum outdoor furniture to choose from, including Aluminum Outdoor Sectionals, Aluminum Bistro Sets, Aluminum Lounge Chairs, Aluminum Bench and more.  

Top 6 Advantages of Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

1. Lightweight

Some outdoor furniture made of wood, iron or steel, can be difficult to move around because of its weight. But pieces of furniture made from aluminum are light enough to be carried from place to place at will but strong and sturdy enough to stand firm. You can easily move the aluminum outdoor furniture around to suit a particular gathering or occasion and for those who like to store their furniture away during the cooler months, aluminum furniture makes this a breeze.

2. Durable

As well as being lightweight, aluminum is also a durable material making it ideal for outdoor use. Aluminum is famous for its resistance to rust and corrosion. Unlike outdoor furniture made of steel or iron, aluminum patio furniture does not rust. While other materials are easily damaged when exposed to salty or moist outdoor air, aluminum outdoor furniture is not. All of the aluminum furniture at Orange-Casual ® has been powder coated for extra strength and durability.

If you are worried about leaving your outdoor furniture outside for the rest of the year, you don’t have to think about that anymore with aluminum outdoor furniture! All of our aluminum outdoor furniture can be relied on to provide the very best in construction and longevity.

3. Designs

Aluminum Furniture has evolved over the years. Aluminium Furniture comes in a wide range of designs to suit everyone tastes. From traditional to trendy to coastal chic, it can be styled to suit any backyard or design trend and is available in an array of colors including premium grey to bright statement pieces bistro sets. Aluminum furniture is as versatile as you need it to be! We offer a wide range of aluminum furniture styles to suit every taste, preference and budget. We also offer wicker furniture with aluminum frames if that’s the look you’d prefer.

4. Weather proof

Aluminum weathers well. It can withstand different ranges of temperature. Heat, cold, rain, sunlight and salt air do not affect the material. Therefore, it is ideal for outdoor spaces where furniture is exposed to the elements. Its surface is protected by a layer of aluminum oxide. This layer prevents the metal from coming into contact with elements which could cause it to rot and rust such as rain and sun exposure. Aluminum is not susceptible to these conditions making it an ideal material to be used outdoor furniture.

5. Maintenance

Aluminium outdoor furniture requires minimal to no maintenance to keep it looking and functioning at its best. Wiping the piece regularly ensures that it is clean. Once in a while, you can hose down the pieces and they are as good as new. With very little upkeep aluminum furniture is perfect for people who lead busy lives yet still enjoy quality, stylish furniture. Tips: If aluminum furniture sets become chipped, it is best to touch up imperfections with paint to prevent oxidation and rust from developing.

6. Comfortable

In terms of comfort levels aluminium furniture can be enjoyed with or without a cushion. Of course a cushion will add an extra level of comfort and support but aluminium dining sets without cushions which can be also enjoyed for many hours in total comfort. The choice is up to you.

Types of Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Aluminum patio furniture is available in two common forms: tubular aluminum furniture, and cast aluminum furniture.

  • tubular aluminum furniture

The typical aluminum outdoor furniture is most often composed of hollow tubular pieces that are then welded together to create a frame. These aluminum tubes allow for the patio furniture to be light weight and easy to transport and store, and it is very easy to shape and design. For many situations, this type of aluminum is perfect, but due to the limitation of the aluminum tubes, this type of furniture often lacks detail.

  • cast aluminum furniture

Unlike tubular kinds, cast aluminum furniture is solid and therefore heavier than the others. Since cast aluminum is pure and tough, it is probably the most popular type of aluminum outdoor furniture. Cast aluminum furniture starts with making a mold. The mold is then filled with molten aluminum and allowed to cool. Using a mold allows for cast aluminum furniture to feature intricate design elements, making these pieces much more sophisticated and stylized.

No matter what type of aluminum outdoor furniture you choose, it is worth the investment.

Care for Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Aluminum furniture may not rust, but it does oxidize, and so care must be taken to prevent discoloration and exterior roughness. Although maintaining aluminum outdoor furniture is nearly effortless, there are a few tips to keep in mind when cleaning outdoor furniture:

  • When aluminum outdoor furniture starts to become discolored, wash it with soap, water, and some kind of household acid like lemon/lime juice or vinegar. Do not use ammonia, Soda, or TSP. It's a good idea to do this cleaning after the end of each season.
  • If you notice that your furniture is getting rough or has become pitted, you can polish the surface with steel wool filled with soap. This will smoothen the metal and prevent further pitting.
  • Auto wax or silicon spray can also be used to protect the furniture from corrosion or pitting
  • Commercial cleaners of all kinds are available for particularly dirty furniture, but these should never be used for anodized aluminum. If your aluminum furniture is made with colored anodized aluminum, be extra careful to only use mild detergent and water to clean it.

Outdoor Patio Aluminum Furniture FAQs

Is aluminum a good choice for outdoor furniture?
Aluminum Patio Furniture is absolutely a great selection for outside. Aluminum is one of the most popular steel for exterior furniture. Despite its light-weight, it is strong, durable and also can conveniently be worked into a selection of detailed forms. Light weight aluminum is relatively low-cost, low upkeep as well as never rusts. This steel will just need a fast clean to keep it looking its best. You may also wish to keep this furnishings covered throughout the winter season. This will certainly lessen the quantity of upkeep needed by shielding it from bird droppings, insects, or dust. Orange-Casual® aluminum outdoor furnishings variety is made from layered aluminium, making it a very good option of furnishings to leave outside.
How long does aluminum patio furniture last?
Aluminum outdoor furniture is durable and long lasting. While high-quality pieces of aluminum furniture are often the more expensive option, they’re also the ones that will last for a longer amount of time. You can expect your cast aluminum furniture to last you a good 10+ years.
Which is better for outdoor furniture, steel or aluminum?

Both steel as well as aluminum make outstanding enhancements to any kind of patio design. Still, there are several factors you'll need to consider before you can determine which is the better choice for your deck or terrace. Look into this checklist of contrasts to learn more about some of the benefits and drawbacks of choosing in between these outside furnishings products:

  • Weight: The high density of steel likewise makes it heavier than aluminum, so it's a best choice if you're looking to develop an easily accessible, changeless patio area style. Light-weight aluminum is better if you intend to reorganize your yard layout from time to time or need to place your outdoor patio furniture in storage at the end of the summertime period.
  • Temperature level: If you reside in an area that experiences heats, the choice between aluminum vs. steel patio furniture might be a safety and security issue. Steel holds warmth longer than aluminum, so it ends up being warm to the touch after sitting in the sun for extended periods. Aluminum cools down quicker, so it might be a better option for those with sensitive skin or children.
  • Style: Aluminum is a flexible steel that's best for furnishings with traditional-style curves and also modern swirling patterns. Because steel is more challenging to flex and control, it functions well for uncomplicated modern or industrial styles.
  • Price: For lots of people, cost is one of the most important variable when selecting patio furniture materials. Steel patio area pieces are generally more expensive, so aluminum home furnishings might be a much better fit for your budget.
Does aluminum outdoor furniture rust?
No! Aluminum cannot rust, which may be the number one reason why aluminum is such a popular metal used in outdoor furniture and accessories. Aluminum furniture is a great option for outdoor decor because unlike other types of metal, it won’t break down if it is exposed to rain, snow, or humid climates. We strongly suggest purchasing aluminum framed furniture if you live in high moisture areas such as coastal regions as well as states that see high humidity throughout the year or summer.
Is aluminum outdoor furniture sturdy?
This answer depends on which kind of aluminum we are referring to. While tubular aluminum is hollow and lightweight, it is fairly sturdy but it does have its limits. But Cast aluminum is extremely sturdy and durable due to its solid state. Unlike tubular aluminum, if you tried to bend or break this solid chunk of metal, you won’t have much luck! On average, your cast aluminum patio furniture would last you, at the very least, 15 - 20 years.
How to clean cast aluminum outdoor furniture?

Because it is aluminum you will find that the maintenance is much less than other furniture. The best method for keeping any style clean is to hose it off every couple of weeks. And, if you add a coat of liquid wax at the beginning of the season, it will be even easier.


To remove light scratches or stains, use a mild cleanser such as Soft Scrub. Then a touch-up paint on the scratches should be applied immediately to prevent the existing paint from peeling or chipping. Taking care of your furniture will pay off in the long run, but always be careful with the products you use.

How to Paint Aluminum Patio Furniture?

While aluminum outdoor furniture holds up pretty well even in the most extreme weather conditions, its coating still becomes dinged up, bleached, and scratched over time. You can refresh your furniture with a little effort and a few cans of paint.


1. Clean the Aluminum Furniture
Because patio furniture gets really dirty, clean it before painting so dirt and debris won't mess up your paint job.

2. Sand the Aluminum Furniture
Paint won't properly adhere to aluminum without a little prep work because it is too smooth. While you don't need to remove the previous layer of paint, if there is any peeling, cracking, or bubbling paint, you should sand it off.

3. Apply Self-Etching Primer
To further improve adhesion, apply a self-etching primer to the furniture surface. Allow it to fully dry. Lightly sand again with sandpaper and then wipe away the dust with tack cloth.

4. Start Painting Your Aluminum Furniture
Choose an exterior-grade enamel spray paint when painting aluminum. Avoid using high-gloss finishes even if you like the look because the high shine of these products highlights imperfections in the paint.

5. Protect the Paint With Sealer
Let the paint fully dry and then apply at least two coats of enamel sealer the same way you applied the primer and paint. More Details: How to Paint Aluminum Patio Furniture