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Our Brand Heroes

Who are they

Meet Bob and Sue, our brand heroes. They're a couple in their early 40s who love to spend time outdoors, whether it's hosting a barbecue, reading a book on the porch, or just soaking up the sun. They know that their outdoor space is an extension of their home, and they want it to be just as comfortable and stylish. That's where we come in. 

What happened

The problem is that Bob and Sue are overwhelmed by the number of outdoor furniture options available on the market. They want to find high-quality, durable pieces that will stand up to the elements and look great for years to come. But they don't have the time or expertise to sort through all the choices.

How OCF helps

That's where our brand comes in. We're here to be their expert guide, offering a carefully curated selection of outdoor furniture that's stylish, durable, and affordable. Our furniture is designed to help them create an outdoor space that reflects their personal style and enhances their quality of life.

What to choose

Our signature piece is the curved sofa, and we recommend it to all our customers. It's a comfortable, stylish piece that's perfect for lounging and entertaining. But we don't stop there - we offer a full range of outdoor furniture, from dining sets to lounge chairs to fire pits. Whatever their needs, we have something that will fit their style and budget.

Does it succeed

With our help, Bob and Sue are able to create the perfect outdoor space for their family and friends. They can relax and enjoy the fresh air, knowing that they've made a wise investment in high-quality furniture that will last for years to come.

Our shout out

We invite all outdoor enthusiasts like Bob and Sue to join us on this journey. Let's work together to create outdoor spaces that are as comfortable and stylish as our indoor ones. 

“Does people need another furniture store?”

That was the big question facing us as new online store owners in 2019.


Our partner factory has been in the outdoor furniture industry for over 20 years, starting out by supplying furniture to large supermarkets. Today, we are proud to bring our products directly to customers through our online store.


Our team is passionate about offering cost-effective and high-quality outdoor furniture, and we are fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded professionals, including technical experts.


At Orange-Casual, our mission is "We offer the best patio upgrade solutions, with high-price-performance furniture.". 


We are confident that our products will meet the needs of our customers and provide them with an exceptional outdoor living experience.

Happy Customers
Happy Customers
years experience in patio furniture industry
Years Experience In Patio Furniture Industry
Fortune Global 500 companies‘ partner
Fortune Global 500 Companies‘ Partner
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