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The Terrace Garden Is So Beautiful, What Should I Do When It Rains?

The terrace garden is so beautiful, what should I do when it rains?

The terrace is the most pleasant place in a villa
It can be transformed into different styles of design
It has different tastes and styles
Exercise in the morning, chat in the evening
A period of free time
It makes people feel comfortable
However, there are many friends who wonder
If there is a rainy day
Such a beautiful terrace
What should we do?
Here are some solutions
See if you can meet the terrace control of you

Use waterproof lumber

Many people like to put wood flooring on their decks to increase the mood, but wood flooring is the most important board that can not withstand rain. So pay attention to the application of waterproof materials and the use of waterproof lumber.

Large parasol

A sunshade is an essential component of a deck, and will help you a lot in both sunny and rainy days.

Use professional outdoor furniture

The tables and chairs placed on the deck need to withstand the sun and rain for a long time, so it is necessary to have a durable outdoor furniture. Homes made of domestic sequoia, pine and rattan type materials are not only crack-proof and durable, but also look very beautiful, making them ideal outdoor furniture. In addition, the seat with storage function allows the cushioned soft cushion to be placed directly into it to avoid handling.

Convert into a sunroom

This is the most simple and brutal way to make a glass roof to the terrace, directly into a sunroom. I believe this can eliminate all your worries.


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