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A Rose Garden, Romanticizing The Whole World

Everyone has a courtyard in their heart. But with the expansion of the city, the courtyard gradually becomes a luxury that can only be desired but not attained.

A rose garden, romanticizing the whole world.

At a leisurely moment in spring, you can sow seeds in the courtyard and harvest a colorful rose garden in summer.

In the evening, when the heat is gone, being in the middle of the sea of flowers, strolling leisurely while peering at the hidden flowers through the trees and leaves, has become the best time of the day.

When you are tired, you can sit on a chair and watch the flowers swaying in the wind, stunning in the twilight, and flowing in the moonlight ...... soothing to the extreme.

Plant a courtyard landscape, the courtyard will become a painting.

Spring has a hundred flowers and autumn has the moon, summer has a cool breeze and winter has snow. A courtyard is a natural world.

In the morning, you can go downstairs with your clothes on and open the door to wake up a courtyard of breeze. While the world is peaceful, set up a drawing board and paint the wall full of creepers, roses with luxuriant flowers and the charming tumbleweed under the wall. The dog that suddenly ran in, stirred up the quiet moment, adding a touch of spirit.

Be a "barbecue master" and be happy for a summer

In the summer evening, when the heat subsides, set up a barbecue in the courtyard. The children's favorite sausage, the husband's favorite lamb, and the wife's favorite vegetables will be nourished by the barbecue and seasoning, and transformed into the food of your choice. The exquisite iced drinks will sweep away the stress and unhappiness of the whole day in an instant.

After the meal, you can sit on the sofa and enjoy the rain, listen to the wind, watch the flowers and enjoy the moon, daze, or tease, and spend a good time in an exquisite and leisurely manner.

The yard is full of melons and fruits, harvesting the enthusiasm of the seasons


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