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Wicker Hanging Egg Chairs- The Perfect Luxury Item For Your Hangout Space

The wicker hanging chairs are stunning. Inspired by the egg shape, a classical and unique design of this hanging chair plays a good decorative role in the outdoor place. These hanging egg chairs can be made in different rattan weaves in several colors to suit your tastes. As soon as you install your new chair, your garden will instantly feel like the ideal chill out spot for relaxing or entertaining guests.

If you're looking for the perfect egg swing chair with stand for your house, a piece like this is an excellent option for outfitting your patio or enriching your indoor home decor. Definitely, Our Orange-Casual wicker hanging egg chair is a naturally chic patio piece to help you create your ideal home.

The Material of Wicker Egg Chair

  • Natural Wicker Egg Chairs
Natural wicker is made from plant materials. For your patio, natural wicker hanging chair is susceptible to rain, sleet, snow, moisture, and other forms of inclement weather. Hanging Egg Chairs made of natural wicker are perfectly fine for indoor use but it’s not suitable for the outdoors. 
  • Synthetic Wicker Egg Chairs
Also known as All-Weather Wicker, synthetic resin wicker is made from resins that are extracted from plant matter. These liquids are capable of hardening permanently. Synthetic wicker is typically built on heavy-duty steel frames which can keep your outdoor hanging chair from blowing away. Orange Casual® wicker hanging egg chair is constructed from commercial-grade hand-woven polyethylene wicker. It is resistant to breaking, scraping, and also fading, and also it's the best product for outside wicker furnishings. 

The Features of OC Outdoor Wicker Hanging Egg Chair

1. Sturdy: The unique X-shaped stand structure is made from heavy-duty steel frames and non-slip rubber pads. It's sturdy enough to be used on any surface. The suspension chain is strong enough to support 350 lbs. The stand is made of powder-coated + Electrophoretic paint steel. It is sturdy & safe for you to sit in, and it will be a great addition to your indoor or outdoor furniture.

2. Unique and Foldable Design: It can also be adjusted to your needs. The hanging chair folds down by loosing two screws at the center. This allows for easy storage in your garage or closet and convenient portability.

3. Indoor and Outdoor Use: Eggs inspire this hanging chair. Its comfortable construction gives you maximum comfort to relax. The swing chair can be used indoors and outdoors as a decorative piece. It is ideal for the living room, bedroom, porch, garden, deck, in a sunroom, near a pool, or outdoor bar.

4.Comfortable: These soft, deep fluffy cushions can be attached to your hammock chair with strong ties. Large seat cushions made of 100% polyester and soft cotton, with a package and zipper design, and pillow headrests that are fade-resistant and washable.

Tips To Buy The Best Wicker Hanging Chair

1. Style. Look at the other decor you have in your patio so that you can match the color and design of your hanging chair so that you have a harmonious design scheme. Charming white-colored wicker swing chairs are the best for achieving an elegant look while dark-colored ones are suitable for a rustic feel.

2. Material. Decide on what kind of material you want for your hanging chair that's made from wicker, whether natural or synthetic. The synthetic wicker hanging egg chair is made from synthetic fibers like polyethylene that is more suited for outdoor settings because they resist the elements better than natural wicker furniture.

3. Size. If you want to put these hanging swing chairs with stand indoors, you'll want consider it's footprint. You need to make sure there is enough room for the chair to swing freely. Models with legs on the stand tend to take up more floor area than those with a circular base. 

4. Weight Capacity. The majority of hanging chair has a cap of about 265 pounds. But Orange-Casual®'s wicker hanging chair an support as much as 350 pounds. If you're looking for a swing chair that can support anyone—or even want to squeeze in a couple of people—check out Orange-Casual® hanging egg chair.

5. Comfort. Wicker hanging chair features soft cushions that feel wonderful on bare skin, you don't need to purchase extra cushions to make them more comfortable. All our outdoor wicker hanging chairs come with seat cushion, headrest cushion and safety strap.

Set Up & Maintain for Outdoor Wicker Hanging Chair

These hanging chairs can be folded and stand frame is simple to fix together with the included tools and accessories; Everything you need is in one box, including the chair, headrest pillow, seat cushion, safety strap and stand; Safety strap helps keep the chair safely in place while getting in and out of the chair; Chair provides a relaxing seat for one person .

Furthermore, they're easy to maintain: Wicker hanging chair is weather-resistant, and there is a minimal amount of care that you have to undertake. Simply wipe down any dirt or dust with a damp cloth regularly, and store your cushions in a dry place when not in use. If your hanging chair isn't used frequently, you can also cover it up using the free protective cover. During inclement weather conditions, you can also move them indoors as they are light and flexible.

Outdoor Wicker Hanging Chair FAQs

What is a hanging egg chair?
A hanging egg chair – also called a garden egg chair, egg chair swing, hanging basket chairs, egg hammocks or simply a hanging chair or swing chair – is loved for its gentle sway. The pod-like, egg-shaped or teardrop-shaped seats have a cocooning effect and is typically suspended from, and supported by, an overarching frame which attaches to the seat via a steel chain to gently swing back and forth.
Are wicker hanging egg chairs comfortable?
Sure. The hanging egg chairs have an ergonomic shape which makes them extremely comfortable. With the soft pillows, you can relax for hours on end. If you use the standard you can move your chair to a remote spot in the garden, or into or out of the sun. The light swinging rocks you to sleep for a nice nap.
Are wicker hanging egg chairs safe?
Yes! These wicker hanging chairs are made of all weather wicker and heavy-duty steel frames. The suspension chain is strong enough to support 350 lbs. You can safely use the chair anywhere in your garden or on your balcony! Be aware that these chairs are not toys and small children should not be left unattended around it. The wicker hanging swing chairs from Orange-Casual have a 1 year warranty.
Why are hanging egg chairs so popular?
Ideal for those who want to elevate their garden into the chicest spot in town, an hanging chair is perfect for outdoor living! Spacious and inviting with a stylish open weave design, a hanging egg chair is perfect for a spot of relaxing, reading a good book in the shade, or sipping on your favourite drink in the sun. And that's the other thing, these wicker hanging egg chairs usually double up for both indoor and outdoor use too, so you can move it around as you wish to suit your needs.
How much does a hanging egg chair cost?
Hanging egg chairs are so preferred that you can find a top quality one online. Please note, costs do vary. Typically you can expect to pay anything from $250 to $700, they come in different colors and materials, so it’s up to your personal preference which one is right for you. For larger sizes-- particularly dual and also three-way-- you can expect to compensate to $1,000. One way to save costs is by buying the wicker hanging chair without a stand. This means you’ll have to hang your chair from the ceiling or tree branch, meaning it has to be fixed to a position. There are many alternatives online and also you can save money at Orange-Casual®.
Are Hanging Egg Chairs Worth The Money?
Yes definitely. They offer unparalleled comfort and relaxation if hung properly! All of the hanging chair reviews we’ve seen say that they are. But not everyone needs or wants these benefits so be careful with how much time/money you invest in them based on your unique circumstances. If money were no object then I assume anyone would want a hanging chair right away! Orange Casual® offers high quality outdoor wicker hanging chair at affordable price and 1 year warranty.  Properly cared-for wicker swing chairs can last 5- 10 years.
Is Wicker Hanging Egg Chair Good For The Outdoors?
Natural rattan or paper fiber wicker cannot be used outdoors for extended periods of time however, synthetic resin wicker can be used outside. All Orange Casual® outdoor wicker hanging chairs are made with synthetic materials and treated with resin and are fine to be used outside. Although outdoor wicker egg chair is made to withstand the elements, you should always use care to ensure that any type of outdoor furniture lasts for extended periods of time. 
How do I install a hanging egg chair?
Most hanging egg chairs come with a stand so you won't need to worry about installation, just the assembly of a few parts. Additionally, some wicker hanging chairs with no stand, you to manually attach the chair to a structure or beam with a rope or steel chain. If this is the case for outdoors, firstly choose an area with plenty of space for the chair to swing and to avoid it knocking into plants or open fires. Read more: How to safely install a hanging chair with no stand?
Can I use the hanging egg chair long term?
You'd better not. Short use will relax your body and mind, but since your body will keep asking for more support and this might be detrimental to your spine health if the chair doesn’t have enough cushioning or lumbar support. Sitting down on these seats all day long could lead to muscle fatigue.
Hanging egg chair with stand or no stand, how to choose?
This depends on several factors. Hanging egg chair with stand is easy to set up, and it is not so static – you can push it back and forth, it is stable, but takes up more space. Hanging egg chair without stand is hard to assemble, you need to manually attach it to a ceiling or beam with a rope or steel chain.