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Patio Umbrellas - Create Shade on the Patio

For someone who lives in a high altitude area where the nights can get cold but the days can get extremely hot, there is one thing that you need to have because it is not always exciting to go outside during the night. If you and your family plan to have a barbecue party in your backyard, the best time will always be during the day because a cookout is always enjoyable during the day. Also, if you plan to invite other people, there is a higher probability that the guests will come over during the day rather than the evening. But these people will not be having fun if the patio is exposed to the sun because they can get burned. If most of your guests are children and are conscious about the weather and their health, it is about time to invest in an outdoor shade umbrella. Before you buy a patio umbrella, it is important to consider various outdoor umbrella options and how they will relate to your patio. Key features to consider include umbrella frames, tilt methods, the size of the shade, the canopy fabric, the lifting mechanism, and maximum shade and flexibility.

1. Umbrella Frames. frames are on top of the list when buying a patio umbrella. There are two types of materials that are used to craft umbrella frames. These frames can either be made from aluminum metal or wood. Wood frame material for a patio umbrella has a disadvantage and that is it is heavier compared to aluminum. When it is time to decide on which type of umbrella frame the family wants, they must consider the material of an umbrella frame not only of its overall purpose but also if it will harmonize with the décor.

2. Opening Mechanism. Not only the material used is important in choosing umbrella frames, the two different methods of opening a patio umbrella is another key feature. A shade umbrella made from wood is normally opened manually by using a pulley system. While an umbrella frame crafted from metal is usually released by using a crank lift or more popularly known as a push button tilt. This crank lift button permits it to be tilted in various directions. The crank system works by twisting a certain level on the umbrella pole that opens the patio umbrella. Another mechanism is the pulley system which works by pulling a rope to open the umbrella.

3. Tilt Methods. The tilt can maximize the amount of shade. The tilt normally keeps individuals from harmful UV rays of the sun. The three tilting methods are the collar tilt, the crank tilt and the push-button option. The collar tilt is the quickest and the most popular of these tilt methods. This method tilts the patio umbrella without the need for a person to leave his chair. All that he needs to do is spin the collar on the frame to tilt the umbrella. The second tilt method is the crank tilt. A person just twists the crank until he gets his fancied tilt. The push-button option is the last of the three tilt methods and is easy to perform. The person just needs to push the button on the collar of the umbrella and he will surely get his desired tilt.

4. Shade Size. The umbrella canopy size is another key feature. This is tied to the key question: How much shade do you need on your patio? Manufacturers usually measure the size by calculating the size from one end to the top up to the other end. Another tip to keep in mind is that the umbrellas size should be five feet larger than the area that they want to cover. Read More: What Size Patio Umbrella Do I Need?

5. Canopy Fabric. The fabric employed usually determines the final cost of a patio umbrella. Here are five fabrics normally used to build a patio umbrella: Sunbrella, Olefin, SolarVista, Spun Poly and Coolaroo's Open Weave.

  • Sunbrella. This fabric is made in the USA and is a hundred percent solution-dyed. This fabric is widely-known because the fabric's color does not fade and it also provides protection from UV rays
  • Ofelin. This fabric is solution-dyed and is resistant to any type of weather. It is also offers protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • SolarVista. This light-weight fabric is made in France using acrylic.
  • Spun Poly. This fabric is made of polyester that is devised with high strength, smoothness and quality.
  • Coolaroo's Open Weave. This fabric allows free air circulation in the umbrella but still provides protection from UV rays.


6. Maximum Shade and Flexibility. The sixth consideration is the umbrella's flexibility and the provision of maximum shade. Families who are interested in purchasing a patio umbrella should search for one that maximizes its abilities. For example, is the patio umbrella free standing or a ground mount posthole. Patio umbrellas can be offset or cantilever frame which can be used to shade areas without having a post in the shaded area. Market Patio Umbrellas are also known as center post. They are less expensive, but they usually work best with center hole patio furniture to place the post through the center.

Upon going through the 6 things to consider when buying a patio umbrella, families will now have a clear view on their purchase options. Families are will have to choose the right patio umbrella to provide shade during barbecue parties on a sunny day, or even fancy features like lighting that is built into the frame. The six benefits of owning a patio umbrella are: 100% shade, ease of moving, great for entertaining, great for kids, privacy and durability.

For families who have been hesitant to host a party because the patio is too hot and exposed to the sun, and they do not want to do it inside, investing in a shade umbrella will surely turn a boring indoor party to an amazing outdoor party. A large canopy handle the family and their guests for the duration of the party. Installing a patio umbrella will provide kids a place with a shade to enjoy their time outside, whatever the weather may be. And don't forget about privacy. A simple tilt of the patio umbrella in a desired direction, owners can gain privacy from curious neighbors who love to interfere. Finally, patio umbrellas can last quite a long time when precautions are taken for stormy weather, and high sun exposure. Wind can damage an open umbrella, and sun can eventually break down the fabric. Following the care instructions will make sure that they will last for a long period of time.

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